SSC Results 2018 Bangladesh | All Education Board Results Download

SSC Results 2018 Bangladesh | All Education Board Results Download

In Bangladesh, the SSC Exam is held all over the country to evaluate the progress a student has made over the course of 2 years. Throughout the period, SSC examinees are reared and prepared based on three distinctive departments; Science, Commerce and Humanities. A student must pass the SSC Exam to be promoted to HSC-Level Education.

The SSC Exam is also known through terms; such as: Matriculation, Matric. These terms used to refer to the exam conducted after completion of 10 years of secondary education. Those terms are in practice from the days of the British Raj.

The SSC Exam is usually held in Bangladesh in February-March. Since the exam heavily influences a student’s future endeavor, it is taken with much enthusiasm and in earnest. The results are published once the exam is taken. The Ministry of Education in Bangladesh usually publishes the SSC results in June.

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2 years of preparation, 1.5 months exam; students, guardians and teachers eagerly wait on the day for months. The day is when the results are published. But, how to check out your result? Millions of examinees, a couple of servers; many students to fail the results in time.


  • SSC Exam Results of 2017 will be published on 4th May 2017.
  • The SSC Exam Results, Dakhil and equivalent examinations’ results will be published on the same day and at the same time.
  • The results are expected to be published by 11 AM – 2 PM.
  • Earlier the Secondary School Certificate (SSC), Dakhil and equivalent examinations were held across Bangladesh, February through March.

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) Examination of 2017

Every year millions of students in Bangladesh participate in the SSC Exam. The exam is one of the largest public examinations held across Bangladesh. This year, the SSC Exam started in February 2017. The SSC Exam was held from 2nd February through 10th March.

A total of 13,04,274 students appeared in the SSC Exam this year. Of the SSC candidates, 6,42,507 were male students and 6,61,767 were female students. In 2017 exam, the number of candidates outnumbered that of the previous year. A surplus of at least 172,257 students is observed for this year’s SSC Exam.

How to Check the SSC, Dakhil and Equivalent Examinations’ Results of 2017

The Results of SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examinations’ can be procured through 2 methods:

  1. Online Method
  2. SMS Method

Now I’m going to discuss how you can get the SSC, Dakhil and equivalent examinations’ results quickly and easily.

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How to Check Your 2017 SSC Result Online with Mark Sheet

The education boards in Bangladesh usually publish the results after 2:00 PM on their official website. Education Board Bangladesh

The instructions on procuring the SSC results are pretty simple and easy. Here’s the step-by-step guide to procuring your SSC result:

  • Step #1: type in the website address to your browser’s address bar.
  • Step #2: if you’re able to land on the website perfectly, you’ll see 6 boxes titled “Examination”, “Year”, “Board”, “Roll”, “Reg. No.”, and a captcha. There are drop-down menus included for “Examination”, “Year”, and “Board”. Select the year “2017” as your examination appearance year.
  • Step #3: select your Examination type through the drop-down menu from Examination. In this case, it will be SSC/Dakhil.
  • Step #4: select your board’s name from the drop-down menu. There will be 10 education boards listed in the drop-down menu.
  • Step #5: next up is inserting your roll number. You’ll see a box assigned to Roll. Insert your Roll No. as per your Admit Card.
  • Set #6: insert your Registration Number in the box assigned to Reg. No.
  • Step #7: in this step, you’ll have to solve a captcha test. It usually involves solving a simple arithmetic problem. For example: if you see 7+1 as your captcha problem, enter 8.
  • Step #8: finally click on Submit to receive your result.

How to Check Your SSC Result by Sending an SMS:

For many checking the SSC results through SMS’s is the quickest and easiest method. Whoever doesn’t have access to the Internet can procure SSC Result through an SMS. Here’s the step-by-step procedure:

  • Step #1: go to your Messages from your phone.
  • Step #2: write a new message.
  • Step #3: enter the exam type first. In this case, enter SSC. Then, give a space.
  • Step #4: enter the first three letters of the your board name, followed by a space.

The first three letters of your education board should be:

  1. Dhaka Education Board = DHA
  2. Comilla Education Board = COM
  3. Rajshahi Education Board = RAJ
  4. Jessore Education Board = JES
  5. Chittagong Education Board = CHI
  6. Barisal Education Board = BAR
  7. Sylhet Education Board = SYL
  8. Dinajpur Education Board = DIN
  9. Madrasah Education Board = MAD
  10. Technical Education Board = TECH
  • Step #5: insert the Roll No. assigned to you.
  • Step #6: insert 2017 as the year you appeared in the SSC exam.
  • Step #6: send the SMS to 16222. Your cellphone operator will charge you for the SMS.

For Example: SSC <space> DHA <space> Roll <space> YEAR; SSC 2017 1223355 2017. For Madrasah board: Dakhil <space> MAD <space> Roll <space> YEAR; Dakhil MAD 1223355 2017.

The Secondary School Certificate Exam in Bangladesh

The Secondary School Certificate (SSC) and equivalent examinations mark the completion of secondary education for Bangladeshi students. SSC Exam is a public examination that is held all over Bangladesh every year.

An SSC candidate has to complete a compulsory 2-year-long secondary education to participate in the SSC Exam. The 2-year-long education consists of 9th and 10th grade. 9th grade is the first year of the secondary education. 10th grade is the second year of the secondary education.

Students of secondary education sit for the SSC exam under their respective education board. There are currently 10 education boards established in Bangladesh to organize the SSC Exam and evaluate the SSC candidates.

After successfully completing both years’ education, a student is allowed to participate in the SSC Exam. Participation in the SSC Exam is a must for being promoted to higher secondary education level.

The SSC Exam is referred to as the secondary education completion exam for students taught through Bengali Medium at secondary educational institutions. Students taught through Madrasah System participate in the SSC-standard exam, known as Dakhil Examination.

SSC Results 2018 Bangladesh | All Education Board Results Download
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