List of Govt Banks in Bangladesh

Gov Banks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh got independence in 1971. But that time Bangladesh economics condition was poor and scattered.  That is why Bangladesh actually needed to re-design the existing Banks for developing economical structure and ensuring a positive flow of money in all over the country. After liberation war of 1972, State Bank of Pakistan (Dhaka Branch) has been … Read moreList of Govt Banks in Bangladesh

Bangladesh | The History, Location & Facts At a Glance!


Bangladesh! The People’s republic of Bangladesh! A beautiful little country with a area of 1,47,570 KM²! Bangladesh is beautiful not only by the natural scenario and greens everywhere, but also the people live in here and the way they see the whole world and their hospitality. Its amazing! People here also speak Bengali which probably the … Read moreBangladesh | The History, Location & Facts At a Glance!