The Blue Whale Game’s Another Name is Death

Blue Whale game

Recently, the Dark Web is a tragic challenging game to become viral, “Blue Whale”. This is an online-based suicide game. The death of someone who plays the game is inevitable but how can a game take away a man’s life?
Actually, as long as it is becoming increasingly mysterious to humans. Many do not understand what is the secret behind it? Many people think that this is actually a false phenomenon which has no reality.

The Blue Whale Challenge: The time limit is 50 days. According to the instructions of the game, the participants have to finish 50 tasks. It includes several terrible ‘tasks’ including hitting yourself. The last task is suicide.

So far the victim’s number of this game is130 people. The details of Blue Whale- first of all, are the Hollywood “S” movie. This game is very similar to the movie. Those who saw the “S” movie may know what happened to the story of “Sir Larry”, the main character of a serial killer. Kidnap his wife, his daughter, and her personal information; Playing a tragic game, he was forced into captivity in the abandoned bathroom by blackmail.

He was told that if he wants to get rid of his wife and captivity, he must complete all the steps of the game correctly.   The Blue Whale game is similar to “S” movie, forced Victim to play all the stops in the game. This is a challenging game and the game has 50 levels. The game was first created in 2013. A Russian hacker team named “F57”  in many places they also called “Death Group”  created this game. In 2015, it became the first viral by social media shared link of this game and many started downloading the game. 

Master Mind of the game was a Russian youth named “Philip Budinkin”, who was studying in the Department of “Psychology” in a Russian university. After being expelled from the University, he is known to concentrate on creating this game.   Recently Russian law enforcers arrested him and in his confessional

Recently Russian law enforcers arrested him and in his confessional statement, Philip said that this game has been played by young people, young people in the society and people who are worried by the disorderly patients. He also says that those who are depressed in this society and those who are mentally disturbed are the burden of this society, they have no need in society, due to their desire, they are forced to commit suicide due to the human pressure in various ways, through these games and the teenage boys are often liked by the challenge and they are forced to play the game by utilizing their opportunity.    The first two are named “Julia Constantine Ova” and ”

The first two are played named “Julia Constantine Ova” and “Vernica Volk Ova” and at the end of the game, they did a suicide by jumping from a 14-storey apartment. In the first case, the cause of their death was not known. Before his death Julia gave a picture of “Blue Whale” on her Instagram page and it was written “the end” and her sister Vernica wrote “sence is lost”.  Keep track of your children’s movement so that they

Keep track of your children’s movement so that they do not fall into this trap. Try to understand their mind, make friendship with them, you love them say it to them and make understand them that what you say to them says for a good reason and it’s good for them, don’t fight with them make sense anything them in love ways. keep strong your family bond. Take care of your child’s mental health as well as with physical health.


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